Closed Permanently


To Our Guests, Fans Friends and Guests who have become Friends,
It is with joyful but mixed emotions that we make this important announcement to y’all: As of July 2015, we are closing the doors of American House on the Hill B&B. As y’all know, we purchased this home in 2004 as a single family home and that is how we have sold it… the B&B is no more.


As many of you know, this was a labor of love for more than 11 years, with renovations to floors and rooms. In that time, we hosted over 1,600 guests from 39 different states from the U.S., PLUS 12 foreign countries! All this, in little Piedmont, just 13 miles and 20 minutes from downtown Greenville, SC! ‪#‎YeahThatGreenville


We have had our unique home (built in 1836) on the market to sell as a single family home (not a B&B) for over a year. Just the day before we received the offer to purchase, it was announced on 5/29/2015 that we were honored with being #7 of's “20 Unique Places To Stay In South Carolina That Will Blow Your Mind.” What an honor! I’m so proud of my Miss America (LaVena Crivea) for being an incredible hostess, self-taught chef & homemaker earning this accolade for our B&B… What a way to go out in style! We LOVED hosting each one of you and your families and count it a privilege to have so many friends all over this beautiful country and around the world.


But most of all, I’m so proud to have her as my Best Friend, Soul Mate and Wife! We look forward to the next exciting chapter in our lives and rest assured, although the “B” is no more, the buyers appreciate the history and stories about our home. (ALSO... If your tastebuds long for the food you can make using the long-waited cookbook from LaVena, please make a comment on this post and let’s see if she can find some time in the near future to create a Cookbook that has been one of the hottest topics at our B during it’s existence! I'll create a place where you can provide your email for future announcement of cookbook availability and post here.)


Kind Regards,
LaVena & John Crivea II